Sharp and durable


When designing industrial knives it is important to know what the desired goals. Choosing the right steel type and the right operation can be completed and most of the demands most problems or challenges resolved.  The most important consideration in the choice of steel grade is the tension between wear resistance and impact resistance. How the more favourable abrasion resistance, the higher the tool life. The shock resistance is becoming more put to the test, because machines with very high speeds work order quality and/or increase productivity. A not insignificant element is being able to oversee the effects of material breakage on the production process from an economic and technical perspective. There is a direct relationship between wear resistance and shock resistance: when one increases, the other decreases. Although we want to continue using a knife as long as possible, we must take into account important considerations and the possible consequences of fracture and hygiene on the quality and productivity influencing factors. It's going to be the right balance between wear resistance and shock resistance if not insignificant part within a production process. 



Some other factors that should be considered are:


• corrosion resistance

• Hardness

• Heat and heat resistance

Carbide or carbon steel: carbon increases and improves hard-and wear resistance. Alloy steel (for example, 4130, 52100): contains certain amounts of main alloying elements such as nickel, vanadium, molybdenum that improve performance. Provides enhanced abrasion resistance and impact resistance. Hard metal steel types (for example, A2, D2, M4, S7, WIDIA): contains tungsten, cobalt and other alloys that improve performance. Usually used in applications for which a (very) high wear resistance is desired. Stainless steel (for example, 4112, 316, 420, 440A-B-C, 17-4 PH) – with a minimum of 12% chromium, preferably contain more that enhances rust resistance. Promote different types of stainless steel wear resistance and shock resistance to varying levels. If you want, we examine your application or problem regarding cutting or punching to ensure the best possible industrial knives are aligned with the factors mentioned. We have the experience and the know-how to be able to help you.